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Sylvia Laks

Sylvia has been an art lover since she was a child. She entered this world at the age of 14 and began studying portraiture at the artist's house. Over time, she decided to lean toward industrial employers and fashion design.
At the age of 25, she began working in a stained-glass workshop, which introduced her to the fascinating world of stained-glass. On her own initiative, she was instructed in the technique of painting on glass based on the grisaille painting book: "The Art of Painting on Glass" by Albinas Elskus.

After these studies, she found herself involved in restoration work for the most important churches in Costa Rica and commissioned work for new hotels and residences. Later this technique was applied to her personal artworks, taking the method not only to the field of churches, but also to decorative aspects, and in this way demonstrating all the potential that stained-glass has as a means of expression artistic.

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